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The identity and motivation of the criminals is deduced by Mycroft and Amyus within the first few chapters and the novel never tries to trick the reader into thinking anything different. There is always a mystery to solve, one that will often seem impossible or even supernatural at a first glance but will be proven to have a mundane solution. Without a mystery to solve, Red Leech just did not feel like a Sherlock Holmes story. The criminals are pursued by horse, boat, train and then horse again as Sherlock tries to both rescue Matty and bring them to justice.

Young Sherlock Holmes: Red Leech / Οι περιπέτειες του νεαρού Σέρλοκ Χολμς: Η κόκκινη βδέλλα

Although the pace of the story leads to some exciting sequences, they unfortunately feel out of place within the novel. Sherlock Holmes stories are about logic and making rational deductions, not about shoot outs on the roofs of moving trains and killing off the bad guys. Although the violence in the story is not gratuitous by any means, it still seemed out of character. I commented in my review of Death Cloud that the character of Sherlock did not seem to share much in common with his adult self and this observation also carries across into this novel.

He is just far too ordinary.

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While Lane does try to show how certain character traits originated in Death Cloud he gained his interest in bees and the starting of a morphine addiction, while in Red Leech he obtained an interest in tattoos and learned how to play the violin , the character simply does not behave like Sherlock Holmes in any way. He comes across as a character that just happens to be called Sherlock Holmes, rather than the Sherlock Holmes.

The other characters in the novel also fail to get any development this time around. While they are still likable characters, it is a shame that they did not really feature much within the story and so faded away into the background of most scenes.

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While the two of them shared some similarities — such as physical frailty — his master plan was not as gloriously bizarre and he barely made any impact within the story. Well, unfortunately, even if read as a thriller that is unrelated to the Sherlock Homes franchise, it is still a weak novel. The story lacks any kind of suspense and a lot of the climax occurs off page. It would not have changed anything if it had been left out. I also noticed some inaccuracies with the facts given, particularly concerning komodo dragons, and so I am dubious as to how much of this information is actually true. If your book order is heavy or oversized, we may contact you to let you know extra shipping is required.

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Stock Image. Published by Macmillian, London, UK, New Condition: New Hardcover. Aside from both featuring a teenage Sherlock Holmes, the book series has no connection to the film of the same name. Community Showcase More.

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