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Comparative scatterplots dstdize. Direct and indirect standardization dydx.

Base Reference Manual

Calculate numeric derivatives and integrals eform option. Displaying exponentiated coefficients eivreg. Errors-in-variables regression eivreg postestimation. Postestimation tools for eivreg error messages.

Intro to STATA - Frequently used commands

Error messages and return codes esize. Effect size based on mean comparison estat. Postestimation statistics estat classification. Classification statistics and table estat gof. Pearson or Hosmer—Lemeshow goodness-of-fit test estat ic. Display information criteria estat summarize. Summarize estimation sample estat vce. Display covariance matrix estimates estimates.

Save and manipulate estimation results estimates describe. Describe estimation results estimates for.

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Repeat postestimation command across models estimates notes. Add notes to estimation results estimates replay. Redisplay estimation results estimates save. Save and use estimation results estimates stats. Model-selection statistics estimates store. Store and restore estimation results estimates table. Compare estimation results estimates title. Set title for estimation results estimation options. Estimation options exit. Exit Stata exlogistic.

Exact logistic regression exlogistic postestimation.

Postestimation tools for exlogistic expoisson. Exact Poisson regression expoisson postestimation. Postestimation tools for expoisson fp. Fractional polynomial regression fp postestimation. Postestimation tools for fp frontier. Stochastic frontier models frontier postestimation.

Postestimation tools for frontier fvrevar. Factor-variables operator programming command Contents iii fvset.

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Declare factor-variable settings gllamm. Generalized linear and latent mixed models glm. Generalized linear models glm postestimation. Postestimation tools for glm glogit. Logit and probit regression for grouped data glogit postestimation. Postestimation tools for glogit, gprobit, blogit, and bprobit gmm.

Generalized method of moments estimation gmm postestimation. Postestimation tools for gmm grmeanby. Graph means and medians by categorical variables hausman.

Hierarchical Regression in Stata: An Easy Method to Compare Model Results

Hausman specification test heckman. Heckman selection model heckman postestimation. Postestimation tools for heckman heckoprobit. Ordered probit model with sample selection heckoprobit postestimation. Postestimation tools for heckoprobit heckprobit. Probit model with sample selection heckprobit postestimation. Postestimation tools for heckprobit help. Display help in Stata hetprobit.

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Heteroskedastic probit model hetprobit postestimation. Postestimation tools for hetprobit histogram. Histograms for continuous and categorical variables icc. Intraclass correlation coefficients inequality. Inequality measures intreg. Interval regression intreg postestimation. Postestimation tools for intreg ivpoisson.

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Poisson regression with endogenous regressors ivpoisson postestimation. Postestimation tools for ivpoisson ivprobit. Probit model with continuous endogenous regressors ivprobit postestimation. Postestimation tools for ivprobit ivregress. Single-equation instrumental-variables regression ivregress postestimation.

Datasets for Base Reference Manual, Release 11

Postestimation tools for ivregress ivtobit. Tobit model with continuous endogenous regressors ivtobit postestimation. Postestimation tools for ivtobit jackknife. Jackknife estimation jackknife postestimation. Postestimation tools for jackknife kappa. Interrater agreement kdensity.

Univariate kernel density estimation ksmirnov. Kolmogorov — Smirnov equality-of-distributions test kwallis. Kruskal — Wallis equality-of-populations rank test ladder. Ladder of powers level. Set default confidence level limits. Quick reference for limits lincom. Linear combinations of estimators linktest. Stata Press, a division of StataCorp LLC, publishes books, manuals, and journals about Stata and general statistics topics for professional researchers of all disciplines.

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