Graham Greene’s Childless Fathers

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Book Description Basingstoke Macmillan Press, Hardbound, 8vo, pp incl. Unread and near fine in near fine dustjacket with slightly sunned spine.

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To ease her pain and honor her hero, Molly conceives another of her schemes:. A New York committee advised her, by mail and by telephone, that a growing number of Islamic fundamentalists there were threatening writers and journalists opposed to them. The committee only wanted money, but Molly thought she might locate a few doomed men and pay for their tickets to leave the country.

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This was a chance, too, to see the great colonial city the French had embraced for years and relinquished in chaos and disgrace. When she sees two men she believes innocent being hauled into a police station in Algiers, "Molly, who passionately felt that all decent people must interfere to save the helpless even if it put them at risk, began hollering and running toward the group She was so fast that she was even able to grab the arm of one of the prisoners, as if to pull him free. She superimposes extraordinary qualities on ordinary craven acts; she wants people to be better than they are, as well as better off.

She thought guilty men would be prouder and more defiant, carrying themselves differently to the beatings that would come and the long hours of interrogation ahead. She has read her Algerian history; she can identify the scars of torture; she suspects her own motives and the expeditions that are "clearly an escape to somewhere new, with desperate people as the excuse.

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When adolescent Islamistes beat up her small party in the Casbah of Algiers, she flails and lashes out, a tornado of useless energy: "People came into the square, but only to watch. They found Molly entertaining before she collapsed. She urgently wanted to oppose the vicious boys, rather than just scream and crumple and bleed, as if something far greater were expected of her.

To show exactly where and how Molly fails, Emerson takes a surprising risk. What does she want? When will she leave us alone?

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L oving Graham Greene is a beautifully controlled story about a woman unable to control the consequences of her acts; G. A Special Soundtrack Rocketman Soundtrack for the biographical musical drama film based on the life of musician Elton John.

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